Renuvit Frequently Asked Question

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding Renuvit.

What is Renuvit?
What makes Renuvit different than other nutritional products?
Why will a duck embryonic cell help humans?
Why is Renuvit expensive?
Do we harm ducks?
Are these free range?
How does Renuvit work?
Is this product injectable?
How old do you have to be to take Renuvit?
Are there any contraindications?
Can I take it with other medicines?
How do I take Renuvit?
The product contains arsenic and lead aren’t these supposed to be harmful?
What results can I expect from Renuvit?
What about allergic reactions?
Can I expect a detoxifying reaction?
What is the shelf life and what are the risks for contamination?
How do I take the product?
How many times a year should I take Renuvit?
What is the scientific base, cell physiology studied to develop the product?
How quickly can I see results with Renuvit?
Are there other products or treatments similar to Renuvit?
What is the Lyophilization process?
How does Renuvit affect the sleep cycle?
What is happening if after taking Renuvit? I have difficulty falling asleep, feel restless or if on the contrary, I feel too sleepy and tired.
Is the product natural?
What is the product made from?
Where is the product made?

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