Renuvit is a product that is evaluated for outstanding results. The origin of this special condition is the use of ducks embryonic stem cells, obtained by a proprietary process and combined with a significant number of other important nutrients, with an extraordinary result, which can be simplified into the following concept. The biological material stimulates a process of activation which is complemented and supported by the other nutrients contained in it, among which a perfectly balanced formula of amino acids, vitamins and a formula of chelated organic minerals.

The composition of the formula Renuvit, is designed so that each of its components may act alone and in a synergistic manner with the other components.

Stem Cells
Stem Cells are different from other cells in the body. There are three unique properties of all stem cells regardless of their source. These include:

  • capability of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods
  • being unspecialized and basic cells
  • they can give rise to any type of specialized cell because they are unspecialized


Mitochondrial dysfunction

The consensus among researchers is that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a central role in the development of virtually all age-related diseases.

Today’s scientific data make it loud and clear that every aging person should take personal responsibility to ensure optimal mitochondrial function and structure. The good news is that nutrients used by Renuvit to enhance mitochondrial performance have more scientific substantiation than ever.
While compounds like coenzyme Q10, carnitine and lipoic acid, support mitochondrial function, it is critical that new mitochondria are generated if we are to protect against age-related decline.

Benefits May Help With:

  • Overall Sense of Well Being
  • Improved Sleep and Energy
  • Improved Hair Skin and Nails
  • Hormone Balance and Libido
  • Recovery From Surgery And Injury
  • Brain Function and Mood Enhancement
  • Pain Management